Richest African Americans in America

Today I read an article stating Michael Jordan is a billionaire and I looked a little further all across the world you have African billionaires but no education, food, healthcare and economics of our own and I ask why? Why is it that blacks never take care of there own, why do the Jews, Arabs, East Indians and other groups of people take care of themselves. You can find schools that teach them their history not just the bad(slavery) but the good (Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X). Why can’t we but our people first for a change clean up the drugs, crime, unemployment in our communities and open up businesses in our neighborhoods like grocery stores our own banks and compete with the world instead of seeing it pass us by. These billionaires can change the black communities for the better hell they could change the world, but I think there scared of losing it all. White supremacy has done a bang up job on our community and to people that could do something about it. Just imagine for one minute if all Africans around the world poor, middle class, rich. or filthy rich pooled there funds together opened up black owned banks, real estate, grocery stores, TV programming, Control our own music, movies and much more. We world be a force to be reckoned with we could compete to the fullest. That’s what the Latino’s do everywhere you go in the country  they have there own communities, they have there own cable channels they can compete with Americans and give there children a fighting chance. We are so far behind in the world we are still in 1865 still struggling trying to get ahead except the few that have the billions, millions like movie stars, business owners, TV stars etc. Wake up people before its to late open your eyes look around you what do you see and  read where we were in 1865 and go through all of our history and then see where we are today and tell me what you think have we progressed?

Open Season On Black Men and Boys

 Do you remember hearing about Jordan Davis a 17 y/o young black man shoot in his vehicle for playing music too loud in front of a store, This happened 9 months after Trayvon Martin was gunned down in his own neighborhood. Today was my first time I heard about it and I’m wondering why?, why is it when our children and men are killed in cold blood no one seems to know or care. Why did it not make headlines why were we not on the streets protesting and demanding more for Africans in America. Why is it ok to keep using the stand your ground law when white men are just plan old murdering our babies, this reminds me of the stories back in the day when they used to hang our brothers for rape of white women it’s just another excuse to kill our men and boys. Ida B Wells used to write about it all the time, at first people just thought well if their rapping people then they should pay for their crimes until in 1892 three black men who were her friends that owned a grocery store tried to protect their property from being robbed and was arrested and hauled of to jail and later hanged for this crime.  She realized then rape was just a ploy to murder black men. Today there using Stand Your Ground Laws to murder our black men and if we don’t speak up more and more of our children will die because white America will always use I feared for my life even if we’re doing nothing to make them feel that way.

Bullying and teen suicide

I read something very disturbing today about a 12 year old child in Florida that committed suicide because of bullying. It’s really tragic because this child was tormented for a long time by two young females ages 12 and 14, my question is this out of all the parents involved no one seen this coming? Parents are not talking to their children anymore we are all (me included) stuck in a world of technology and our own worries. The parents of this 12 year old I wonder if they knew something was going own if this baby gave them any clue what was going on, my eyes are watering now wondering if this child had no one to turn to. I wonder if she had a friend that she could tell her darkest deepest secret too, or did she feel simply alone. I’m also curious as to why the other girls parents did not stop their children I seen a brief clip of the arresting officer that said ” why didn’t the parents take away these girls devices” making me think that they knew their children were harassing this young lady and simply did nothing. Maybe they thought it was just a thing that kids go through.

When I was a child I was pick on all the time called everything but a child of God, and it hurt me so bad but I had a few friends I could talk to, and my parents mostly my mom helped me through it. My mom helped me toughen up and ignore or give back what they dished out, she could also see when anything was bothering me and I was able to talk to her about anything especially when it had me thinking about suicide. A lot of people especially teens think about suicide you think the world is against you and nothing will ever be right. Instead of teaching our kids that we will always protect them, and ignore the problem or don’t see the problem we as parents need to get more involved with our children again find out what is going on in their lives and if they don’t talk you then you can always do some old school snooping. They might be mad, upset, or angry but you might find out something that can save their lives. We have all of these campaigns and laws to fight against bullies but no one is teaching our children to stand up for themselves and fight back we are raising a weak society. Have your child take defense classes like martial arts, jiujitsu  or something that will teach them discipline, defense and confidence.  We as parents what to protect our children so much that we forget that we won’t be there always and that the world has a lot these bullies and if they can’t handle name calling over the internet or a push and shove they’re not going to be ready for the real world because school is nothing compare to the outside world. And for the parents of the children that are bullying the same goes for you, you should sit your child down and get to the bottom of why?. What is going on in your child’s life that they feel the need to pick on others because if you don’t just to keep it real they will be always in trouble and your child will end up dead or in jail. If you find this out don’t ignore the problem stop them problem dead in it’s tracks, take away devices, if that is what their using, take away privileges or discipline in other ways you see fit. So in closing as a parent of the bully or bullied we have to step up and teach our children the real world by teaching them everybody is not going to like you and you might get picked on but you have to fight back and that being a bully you will one day meet your match.


McDonalds protest

Hi everyone just wanted to say a little something about this nationwide protest at McDonalds. I do believe that they should get a raise I don’t believe it should be $15.00/hour. You have people including myself in this country that have went to college and is just making that or a little more plus McDonalds is really a transitional job mostly for students, elderly and disabled who needs extra income. If you want to make more money you can advance in the company by looking into management or working hard enough to by your own but to think your going to make $15.00 and flip burgers is crazy. I know McDonalds have programs for you to advance in you just need to ask and research find out what they have to offer or go back to school and move on. I just don’t understand why do you think you deserve that much an hour with no skills. Give me your thoughts.

The Black Family

Today I want to discuss the destruction we are doing to our community. We are not stepping up as kings and queens and teaching our kids and community about our past, presents and future. We are becoming extinct we are killing ourselves, dying of aids, becoming homosexuals and dating outside our race we really need to quit before we wake up and there’s no one that looks like us. Click the link it can change your life.